Cheang Sue Lyn

Cheang Sue Lyn

Cheang Sue Lyn is a accomplished staff member at Ray Louis Law Corporation, where she currently handles the firm’s contentious family and civil litigation matters.

Sue Lyn graduated from The Queen’s University of Belfast, where she obtained her law degree. Her academic achievements are not limited to her degree as she has been called to the Bar in both the UK and Malaysia. This is a testament to her exceptional legal skills and knowledge, which she brings to her work at the firm.

Sue Lyn’s legal expertise is not the only impressive aspect of her profile. She was also a talented radio talk show host, a passion she pursued while studying in the UK. Her communication skills, critical thinking, and ability to engage an audience are undoubtedly an asset in her work at the firm.

 Apart from her impressive academic and communication skills, Sue Lyn is also a competitive Brazilian Jiu Kitsu and Muay Thai fighter. This highlights her physical and mental strength, discipline, and focus, all of which are crucial attributes in her work as a litigator.

Sue Lyn’s diverse set of skills and talents make her an invaluable member of the team. Her exceptional legal skills and knowledge, coupled with her excellent communication skills and physical and mental strength, make her a valuable member of the firm. It is evident that Sue Lyn’s achievements in both her personal and professional life are a testament to her hard work, dedication, and determination.