At Ray Louis Law, we will guide and tailor the service that you need, whether it is a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). We have helped many clients to not only ensure that their Will is valid, but also comprehensively assist the process of registering their LPA. 

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a beneficial document in the event of loss of capacity where you (the Donor) appoint one or more persons (the Donee) to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf. You can give the Donee either general powers or certain limited specific powers. Having a valid LPA will allow you to protect your interest and your family’s welfare from arduous court processes in the event of loss of mental capacity. In the event that there is no valid LPA, your family member will need to apply to the court for a person to be the court-appointed Deputy and this may take a longer time and incur more expenses.

On the other hand, a Will is a legal document which states your (the Testator) wishes and instructions to the appointed Executor of your Will. The Will and the LPA do not come into effect concurrently.

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